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We are always with you before and after the operation. It should not be forgotten that postoperative follow-up and control is very important to us.

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Our expert dietitian staff always take care of your diet and weight balance.

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You can consult our experts about obesity surgery and other treatments at any time and find an-swers to your questions.


We are proud of serving thousands of patients and touching new lives in the sector for many years.

Obesity Surgery

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A high-calorie and unhealthy diet, living a sedentary life can cause obesity problems. Excessive fat accumulation in your body endangers your health in every aspect, decreases your quality of life and invites many diseases. Obesity is not destiny! Take the first step towards a healthier body and call us now.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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If you could not lose weight with diet and exercise, if you want to get rid of the fat accumulation in your body and have a healthier life, you can also benefit from “sleeve gastrectomy”, i.e. gastric sleeve surgery. The sleeve gastrectomy surgery, which is based…

Gastric Balloon

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You do not necessarily have to undergo surgery to get rid of the problem of obesity. With the gastric balloon, which is a non-surgical solution, you can reach a feeling of satiety in a shorter time, eat less food and easily achieve…

General Surgery

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You can also benefit from the general surgery health services we offer for many different diseases such as gall bladder, stomach, liver, pancreas, hernia, skin lesions, rectal and hemorrhoid…

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Our current articles about obesity surgery, gastric sleeve, gastric balloon, general surgery and nutri-tion...

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