The basic rule of the balanced diet question is to consume real and natural products instead of processed foods. Natural foods consist of vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, dairy products, seafood, oilseeds, whole grains and dried legumes. Consuming these nutrients helps to provide the energy, vitamins and minerals the body needs without much effort. Individuals who have undergone bariatric surgery are recommended to consume all these food groups in a balanced way in their staged diets. especially after the 6th month.

Consume complex carbohydrates

Carbohydrate is a nutrient group that is readily found in many foods, but is high in cereal products and fruits. However, foods such as whole grain bread, bulgur, legumes and fresh fruits, which are called complex carbohydrates, have the feature of preventing constipation due to their high fiber content, as well as white bread, rice, fruit juice etc. It has a more filling feature than carbohydrate sources.

Include protein in every meal


You can consume eggs and cheese as protein for breakfast; Take advantage of protein sources such as meat, chicken, fish, turkey, legumes, yoghurt and cheese for lunch and dinner. Protein is very important, especially in the first year after bariatric surgery. In order to provide enough protein in the first months, the use of protein powder is recommended with a dietician.

Use healthy cooking methods

Before the question of a balanced diet, not only the variety but also the way food is prepared is very important when planning your meals. You can make healthy food unhealthy by using a wrong cooking technique, or you can make healthy food healthy by baking it in the oven.

Cooking techniques such as frying and roasting in oil may cause macro and micronutrient losses in foods exposed to high temperatures, as well as many carcinogenic substances. For this reason, grilling, boiling, baking or steaming methods will be a healthier cooking method.

Consume healthy fats

On some days of the week, add various oil sources such as avocado, peanut butter, walnuts, and olive oil to your menu. With the rich omega 3 acids they contain, it will help to reduce the increased cholesterol level due to weight.

Eat colorfully

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This type of diet, which some individuals call rainbow nutrition, is rich in vitamins and minerals due to the variety it contains. There are many alternatives, from dark green leafy vegetables to red fruits, from citrus fruits to white onions, to increase the variety of micronutrients in your diet and to feed the color. These food groups that you need to add to every meal will also appeal to the eye, making healthy eating more fun and sustainable.

Portion balance

Create a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat in your meals and make sure that each meal is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. The best way to create this balance is to fill your plates with 3-4 food groups. A healthy plate model should first include a protein-rich food, a combination of whole grains, dairy products, and vegetables / fruits. Eat a combination of protein-rich foods, whole grains, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and include the groups you missed with other meals and snacks throughout the day.

Minimize sugar

Normally, sugar is a relatively harmless – even essential – carbohydrate that our bodies need to function. It is found as the compound fructose or lactose in fruits, vegetables and dairy products. The problem arises when sugar is added to foods during processing for added flavor, texture, or color. Added sugar raises your insulin levels, disrupts your metabolism, and causes these calories to be converted directly into belly fat. Therefore, instead of consuming refined sugar, consume the natural carbohydrates your body needs by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables or drinking milk.

Try healthy snack alternatives

Snacks are one of the most important meals that are known as snacks that are consumed when processed foods are easily accessible, but will help weight loss in the diet by directly reducing your appetite at the next main meal. Prepare yourself with as little processed healthy snacks as possible instead of the same type of snacks. Here are some snack alternatives for 150 calories and six:

  • Fresh fruit + milk
  • Dried fruit + nuts
  • Buttermilk + Cucumber
  • Blendered kefir smoothie with fresh fruit
  • Vegetable sticks
  • Whole Grain Bread + Cheese
  • Unsweetened dried fruit + Herbal teas

Eating healthy isn’t just about starving or boring diets. The important thing is that an individual who has or has not had an operation, after completing his weight loss adventure, brings healthy and balanced eating habits to his life. Otherwise, permanent weight loss cannot be expected.