What is the Immune System?

The immune system is a shield that forms the defense against diseases in living things, recognizes pathogens and the formation of tumor cells and destroys them when necessary, and protects the body against diseases.

Its functioning is so detailed that it can distinguish even substances that are almost identical in structure, such as proteins and amino acids. “Immunology”, known as the science of immunity, protects the living thing by distinguishing it from the body cells and tissues against foreign substances that will not be good for the living body.

When Does the Immune System Activate?

When the immune system, which becomes active with birth, is weakened, the risk of contracting the disease increases at the same rate. The stronger we keep our immune system in our body, the lower our risk of getting sick.

So, how do we keep the immune system in our body strong?

While cold weather is coming, unhealthy diet, irregular sleep, lack of physical activity, smoking and alcohol use, being under intense stress affect our immune system and reduce the body’s resistance to diseases. Let’s list what you need to do immediately to keep the immune system strong.

Eat Balanced and Healthy

Our body has certain needs; These needs do not end with just being satiated and meeting the energy needs. It is necessary to take carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals that the body needs. There should be vegetable-animal protein sources in daily meals; nuts, vegetables and fruits should be included in the food plans. Probiotics, apple cider vinegar and pickles, which have been heard a lot lately, also protect and strengthen immunity.

Pay Attention to Your Water Consumption

Winter is almost here, and people generally feel less thirsty in winter, so drinking water in winter does not come to mind. Well, what can happen in the body when this water consumption is not thought of? Insufficient fluid intake causes recurrent infections. Even if there is no feeling of thirst, we need to remind ourselves of water consumption and consume at least 1.5 liters of water per day. Remember that our daily water needs should be provided from the water itself, not from coffee, tea or acidic beverages.

You Should Get Regular and Quality Sleep

Unfortunately, the immune system of people with insomnia or sleep disorders is low. Irregular sleep weakens the immune system and invites infections. Sleep is the resting phase of your body, brain and organs. If the person can sleep quality sleep, his/her body will rest and his/her immune system will be strong.

Stop Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking directly invites against respiratory tract infections. In the long and short term, smoking not only poses a threat to health, but also prolongs the healing process when it does. Long-term and intensive use of cigarette and alcohol consumption creates serious negative effects on all organs that make up the immune system.

Manage your stress

Protecting our body from chronic and intense stress is the first step for the healthy functioning of the immune system. Chronic stress exposes the body to stress hormones that suppress the immune system, and its treatment is individualized. Individuals should use their own methods of coping with stress in order to get rid of stress. If the person has difficulty in coping with stress in an individual sense, he/she should take the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist and take the situation under control.

Add the Effect of Sports to Your Life

It has been proven by many studies that regular and balanced exercise has many positive effects on the body. Exercise strengthens the immune system, reduces the risk of diseases and helps to get over diseases quickly. In addition to the immune system, it has positive effects on the nervous system and cardiovascular health. Taking an average of ten thousand steps a day helps boost your immune system. However, the fact that the exercise programs are personal will increase the efficiency of the individual in the exercise.

How is your immune system?

Everyone’s lifestyle is unique. If you are a person who has a philosophy of healthy life, you do not need to worry about your immune system anyway. What if you’re not? A busy work life both brings stress to our lives and restricts exercise, doesn’t it? Then you have to start keeping the immunity strong piece by piece .

First of all, the first piece you can do in your life order under this intense stress and limited movement; water consumption management. For desk workers, the best course of action should be to immediately order a bottle that shows how many liters of water you’ve drunk. Wouldn’t you be happy to be monitoring your water daily and to see that you drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day? If your answer is, I’ll move on to the second thing you need to do. “Eating healthy” can often be difficult in the rush of life or when we leave work late, but when it cannot be done, it affects our lives seriously.

Think of it this way, you left work, you went home late, you bought any package food on the way, you ate this food immediately and went to sleep. So what did you do to digest it ? Did you feel tired when you woke up in the morning? Is your mouth dry causing you to wake up? Did it even affect your dreams?

Just try to sleep 2-3 hours after consuming a healthy meal for one day and see the difference. Moreover, by doing this, you will both strengthen your immune system and increase your quality of life. Remember, eating healthy will always benefit you.