Today, new types of gastric balloons used in the treatment of obesity are being added every day. Now, with gastric balloon applications, which are performed with an extremely comfortable process for patients, a feeling of satiety can be achieved in a shorter time. In this way, it is also possible for patients to switch to a healthy diet more easily. One of the most preferred gastric balloons both in the world and in our country is the adjustable Spatz3 product.

Spatz3, the world’s first and only adjustable gastric balloon, has silicone and sterile salt water content that does not harm the body. The procedure applied with the procedure of placing the balloon in the stomach and then inflating it with sterile salt water by making use of the endoscopic method offers a successful result. It should be noted that there are many people who get rid of their excess weight with the adjustable gastric balloon, which offers many different advantages in itself. We will talk about the advantages of this method and we will also explain which patients can benefit from this application. First, let’s take a look at why the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon is so popular.

Why Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon?

First of all, we should mention that this gastric balloon is one of the methods that can be applied in a short period of time, such as only 15-20 minutes. For the procedure performed with a non-invasive method, patients do not need to spend a long time in the clinical environment. At the same time, it is useful to convey for those who do not know that clinical rest is not required before or after the procedure. Since it is an outpatient procedure , those who have obesity problems can easily benefit from this application by taking a short time.

It is also important for patients to help them form a healthy diet along with losing weight. Because after the application, during the removal of the balloon from the stomach, the patients get used to the healthy nutrition program prepared with the help of a dietitian. If they stick to this program in the future, the risk of regaining weight is also eliminated. Spatz3, one of the ideal gastric balloon treatment options for those who need to lose a lot of weight, is not surgically placed in the stomach. No incisions are made, no sutures are made. The fact that it is a non-surgical method can make this treatment option more attractive for many people. You can get more information about the gastric balloon in question by consulting your doctor.

What are the superiorities of the Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon?

Those who want to lose weight with gastric balloon application may have difficulty in determining which method is more suitable for them. In fact, leaving the decision to your doctor in this matter will allow you to easily determine the right option for you. At this point, the differences between the gastric balloon and the Spatz3 gastric balloon are also curious. The most important thing that distinguishes the Spatz3 gastric balloon from the others is that its volume is adjustable.

The effect of some gastric balloons disappears after 4-6 months. However, the fact that the Spatz3 gastric balloon has the feature of being able to be raised and lowered is a happy situation for the patients. Since the volume can be changed depending on the needs of the patients, it becomes possible to lose weight at higher rates. The fact that the volume of the Sptz3 gastric balloon can be increased ensures that the effect of the balloon regains energy. Therefore, expectations are met at the point of continuing to lose weight.

The fact that the volume of the gastric balloon can be reduced when desired is also extremely important from another point of view because this makes it easier for patients to cope with balloon intolerance. In cases such as intolerance, we can also say that removing the gastric balloon earlier than necessary can be prevented. Finally, it is useful to know that the patient does not feel any pain, aches, cramps or aches during this application .

Which Patients Is Suitable for Adjustable Gastric Balloon?

All obesity treatments, patients must seek compliance with the Spatz3 gastric balloon application. This procedure cannot be performed on every patient. First of all, the body mass index of the patient must be between 30 and 40 in order to perform this application. However, it should be noted that this procedure cannot be performed for those who have previously undergone gastric or esophageal surgery. The procedure is not the right option for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you are planning to become pregnant within 1 year, you cannot benefit from the Spatz3 gastric balloon application. However, when you complete the breastfeeding period after the birth, you can talk to your doctor and have the gastric balloon procedure done if you are suitable in other respects. One of the factors to be considered is how often patients travel by plane. Some airlines may require gastric balloons to be removed or emptied prior to the flight. Therefore, gastric balloon application may cause problems for those who need to travel abroad frequently.

It is also required to be at least 18 years old. If you meet all these criteria , your doctor will inform you whether you are a suitable candidate for the adjustable gastric balloon application after a simple examination and a few tests.

What Are the Complications of Adjustable Gastric Balloon?

The most frequently asked question is the risk of death. It should be noted that no loss of life has been reported in patients with an adjustable gastric balloon. Complications experienced are usually due to the fact that the gastric balloon is not tolerated. We can state that the incidence of this complication is around 4%. There is also a risk of complications, such as displacement of the gastric balloon from the stomach to the intestine. Let’s say that the probability of realization of this risk is at the level of 2%. In very rare cases, gastric ulcer complications can be mentioned. Apart from these, there are no known complications.

How is Adjustable Gastric Balloon Applied?

First of all, let’s start by stating that anesthesia is applied to the patients and therefore it is not a procedure that compels the patients. The balloon is placed in the patient’s stomach by using endoscopic devices with cameras. After the balloon is placed in the stomach, it is filled with a predetermined amount of sterile saline. All these processes are completed in a short period of time such as 15 to 20 minutes. If the patients feel better after resting for a few hours, they can be discharged immediately.

The gastric balloon remains in the stomach for 1 year. During this time, necessary raising and lowering operations can be performed in the volume. If patients cannot lose weight as expected after the application, then the volume of the gastric balloon is increased. Thus, it becomes possible for the effect of the gastric balloon to last longer and for patients to have a second chance to lose weight. Moreover, in order to increase the volume of the balloon, it is not necessary to remove it from the stomach and then reinsert it.

How to remove the gastric balloon at the end of a 1-year period is one of the frequently asked questions. There is no need for surgery to remove the balloon. Just like in the insertion phase, the evacuation of the balloon from the body can be achieved within minutes with the endoscopic method. At the same time, the patient is anesthetized before the removal of the Spatz3 gastric balloon. The gastric balloon is removed without the patient feeling anything. Of course, the salt water in the balloon is also evacuated before the gastric balloon is removed. It is possible for patients to return to their daily life in a short time after the removal of the gastric balloon. If you want to benefit from obesity treatment options and have questions about the adjustable gastric balloon, you can write to the comment section immediately.