Weight gain of gastric bypass patients is the same as gastric sleeve surgeries, surgery

rates are less than gastric sleeve surgeries. As for the reason;

  • Few centers performing gastric revision surgery Very high costs
  • Breaking the patient’s belief (after gastric bypass, making the patient believe that it is impossible to gain weight anymore)
  • The fact that gastric bypass patients know that the success rate of this surgery is low. Complications of gastric bypass revision surgeries are as high as 20% for doctors
  • Surgeons know that long-term success is low in gastric bypass revisions.
  • and finally;
  • the operation is very, very difficult and there is no consensus between surgeons.

Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery (Surgery From Gastric Bypass To Gastric Bypass)

  • The most important factor here is the condition of the patient’s intestine and the stomach volume left in the first surgery.
  • The transaction performed;
  • First of all, the stomach and intestines are restored, the excess stomach left after the first surgery is reduced.
  • The second reason for losing weight is intestinal bypass without being measured, again this bowel is deemed appropriate to the procedure and the anostomosis is carried away.
  • In this way, you eat less as your stomach shrinks, and the patient loses weight due to the low absorption thanks to the anostomosis from the distant place.