Gastric band surgery, which has been applied for about twenty years and has few complications, has decreased considerably after gastric sleeve. Since too much has been done in a period, many revisions are currently being made.

Why did the gastric band fail?

Stomach band is a type of surgery that can inflate with the help of a clamp placed on the fundus of the stomach and a device placed in the anterior part of the abdomen and make it difficult for the patient to eat. If you say where the problem is, the problem starts here because the hunger hormone is not taken, the fact that the patient’s desire to eat and the difficult passage of the food to the stomach lead that the patients cannot stop eating and they gain weight.

How is surgery performed from the stomach band to the gastric sleeve?

  • As in any obesity surgery, the first procedure should be done endoscopically.
  • First of all, like all gastric surgeries, the surgery is performed closed and the stomach band should be removed.
  • In 20% of the cases, the band placed on the stomach may enter into the stomach. So there may be migration.
  • Under these conditions, it is necessary to remove the gastric band endoscopically. After the stomach band is removed, it is necessary to wait at least three months and perform such surgery.
  • If there is no migration to the stomach, the gastric band is first removed from the patient with a closed method.
  • If there is no reflux in the endoscopy, gastric sleeve surgery is performed in the same session.

Gastric bypass conversion surgery for the patient with gastric band

If there is reflux in a patient who has had a stomach band but has gained weight, gastric bypass is appropriate.