Gastric balloon prices are always on the agenda of those who want to lose weight but cannot achieve successful results with diet and exercise. Because this method is one of the simplest techniques to help lose weight. This method, which is frequently performed especially for patients with a body mass index of 35 and below, is applied by endoscopy. The stomach is reached from the mouth area with an endoscopy device.

An empty balloon is placed in the stomach and then this balloon is inflated. The main purpose of placing a balloon in the stomach is to create a fullness in the stomach of the patient and provide a feeling of satiety in this way. However, it should be underlined that the gastric balloon is not a permanent application. After a 6-month period, the gastric balloon is removed. We will talk about who is not suitable for the gastric balloon procedure. But first, let’s talk about the factors that affect prices.

How Do Gastric Balloon Prices Vary?

mide balonu fiyatları neye göre değişir

First of all, it should be noted that the gastric balloon is not a product that patients can buy as they wish. This material is a medical material used in the treatment of obesity and this material is supplied by the doctor. This medical material to be used also affects the prices of gastric balloons. There are many different types of gastric balloons on the market.

For example, there are gastric balloons that create a feeling of fullness in the stomach for 6 months and are removed again with the help of endoscopy after 6 months. However, there are also gastric balloons that can remain in the stomach for 1 year and can be swallowed with water, which does not require endoscopy. Among these different types of gastric balloons, the product that benefits the patient the most is selected and used by the doctor. This is the first factor affecting prices.

Exchange rates are another factor that has an effect on the price. Because gastric balloons are imported materials and come from abroad. Naturally, since the change in exchange rates also affects the prices of these products, the prices of the gastric balloon are also affected. The experience of the doctor should not be ignored. However, when it comes to performing this procedure by an experienced doctor, let’s also point out that the price should always remain in the background. Although it is perceived as a simple procedure, gastric balloon application must be performed by an experienced doctor.

As mentioned before, gastric balloons are removed by endoscopy after 6 months of use. In some clinics, the procedure of removing the balloon may not be included in the price and the fee for this procedure may be requested when the transaction is made. In some clinics, a total price information is sent to the patient. This situation can cause confusion among patients.

Because there are very different prices from each other. For this reason, you should definitely ask your doctor which procedures are included in the price. Thus, you can have more ideas at the price point. As a result, it is not surprising that prices vary. The important thing is to choose a clinic where you can communicate easily and follow up after the procedure and the procedure is performed by an experienced surgeon.

Is Gastric Balloon A New Method?

Patients who want to get rid of the obesity problem and lose weight may wonder about the history of this method as well as the prices of the gastric balloon. Although it has been on the agenda more frequently in the last 10 years, the history of the gastric balloon operation goes back 40 years. These materials have been produced to certain standards for many years and are put into use after being passed through various tests.

Therefore, we cannot mention that gastric balloon application is a very new procedure. Only in the old times was the number of people benefiting from this procedure less. Nowadays, both the widespread obesity and the fact that this procedure is now known by more people has brought the number of people who benefit from the application to increase.

Gastric Balloon Prices in 2020

We observe that there is a lot of misinformation among the public about obesity treatment or gastric balloon application. One of them is about gastric balloon prices. It is not true that the prices consist of very high figures. Patients can benefit from gastric balloon application for a very reasonable fee and take the first step to get rid of excess weight. The change in exchange rates in 2020 may have affected the fees of this transaction to some extent. However, it should be underlined that the prices do not reach the numbers that will strain the economic balance of the patients.

However, it may be misleading to give clear information about the price. Depending on which clinic or which doctor is preferred, the cost will also vary. It would be much more correct to first request an appointment and talk to your doctor, then ask for price information. In this way, you can get clear price information and move on to the budget allocation stage.

Doctors Applying Gastric Balloon in Istanbul

Of course, there are many doctors who perform gastric balloon procedures and the prices of gastric balloons vary depending on which doctor is preferred. Istanbul is our city with the largest population. Therefore, Istanbul is one of the cities where this process is carried out most intensively.

When it comes to gastric balloon, obesity surgery or obesity treatment in Istanbul, the first name that comes to mind is Assoc. Dr. Ali Durmuş. A name that has proven its success in this field, Assoc. Dr. Ali Durmuş has become one of the preferred surgeons even abroad, with features such as communication with patients and the trust he gives to his patients. Having accepted patients from abroad for a long time, Assoc. Dr. Ali Durmuş is among the names that stand out not only with his success in this procedure, but also with the patient follow-up after the procedure.

Who, Why and When Is Gastric Balloon Applied?

First of all, let’s say that the gastric balloon procedure is an ideal option for those who have a health problem that may prevent surgery. Because this procedure is not an operation, the gastric balloon is not attached to the patient by surgery and therefore no incision is applied to the patient. This procedure can be performed for those with a body mass index of 35 and below, who do not lose weight with diet or exercise.

Depending on the condition of the patient, the prices of the gastric balloon also change, but the important thing is to get rid of the risks of excess weight and the health problem it brings. The procedure does not necessarily need to be done in a certain period. A gastric balloon can be made at any time when the patient feels ready. The main reason for performing the procedure is to create a feeling of satiety in the patient and to prevent excessive food consumption.

Who Is Not Suitable For A Gastric Balloon?

Those with obesity problems need to know for whom this procedure is not suitable as well as the prices of the gastric balloon. We can convey the answer to this question with a short list:

  • Those with gastritis problem
  • Those with stomach ulcer problems
  • Those who have had stomach surgery for any reason before
  • Those with wide hiatus hernia (stomach hernia) problem
  • Those with alcohol addiction
  • Those with bleeding disorders
  • Those with gastric bypass and gastric bypass

However, it should be noted that the gastric balloon procedure cannot be performed on the patient during pregnancy. The procedure can be done 3 months after birth. When the breastfeeding period is over, mothers can talk to their doctor to benefit from this procedure. You can write your questions about the gastric balloon process or prices in the comments section.