Gastric balloon has started to come to the fore more and more with the increase of obesity problem in recent years. Especially those who do not want to undergo surgery to get rid of the obesity problem can prefer this method.It should be noted that the gastric balloon, which is one of the methods that facilitates weight loss, is produced from silicone material that has no harm to the body.

The volume of gastric balloons used in this method varies between 500 ml and 1000 ml. After the examinations and tests, the gastric balloon with the most appropriate volume is determined by the doctor. One of the most curious issues is how many kilos can be lost with a gastric balloon. We will examine this issue as well, but let’s simply summarize how the gastric balloon is placed, which is of great interest to those with obesity problems.

How to Place a Gastric Balloon?

First of all, let us state that the gastric balloon method can be used with a very comfortable process, and patients do not feel any pain, aches or cramps during the procedure. Because this process is carried out using a sleeping method called sedoanelgesia. Thanks to this method, we can say that the patient does not remember anything for approximately 10 minutes. Moreover, the sedoanelgesia method does not have any side effects, and in this respect, patients can benefit from the method without any worry.

Immediately after the patient is put to sleep with sedoanelgesia, the endoscopy stage is started. With the endoscopy method, it is checked whether there is any wound or reflux in the patient’s stomach. If there is an ulcer, ie wound or reflux (wide hiatus hernia), the procedure is canceled.

In this case, reflux or ulcers should be treated before gastric balloon application. If no problem is detected in the endoscopy procedure, the stage of placing the gastric balloon in the stomach is started. It should also be noted that this balloon is placed in the stomach orally. No incision is applied to the abdomen of the patient, and therefore stitches are not required.

With the help of a tubular medical instrument, the gastric balloon is delivered from the mouth to the stomach. Immediately afterwards, methylene blue, which is popularly called “blue water”, is placed in this balloon and the balloon is inflated. Once the gastric balloon is inflated at the desired rate, the procedure is completed. Gastric balloon application, which is one of the methods that does not cause any concern for the patient, is one of the procedures that are completed in a very short time.

Are There Risks of Gastric Balloon?

Of course, there are risks of gastric balloon operation on the agenda of those who want to benefit from this method. First of all, we should point out that the method in question does not have a serious risk. The risks of this procedure can be much lower, especially if it is performed by an experienced doctor.

The risk in question is the possibility that only the hard end of the balloons during insertion into the stomach may damage the esophagus.It should also be known that gastric balloons should be removed after a certain period of time, regardless of their volume. If it is not removed after this period, there is a risk of explosion. In case of bursting of the gastric balloon, a change in the color of the urine occurs and the urine turns blue.In such a case, patients should immediately contact their doctor and inform them and ensure that the gastric balloon is removed.

Sometimes, the bursting of gastric balloons can lead to blockage of the small intestine. For this reason, those who have a gastric balloon procedure should be extremely careful to the point of use of this material. In the meantime, we should underline that the brand of gastric balloons used must be CE or FDA approval. It is of great importance, that’s why gastric balloons without CE or FDA approval must never be used.

How Many Weight Loss With Gastric Balloon?

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One of the questions that patients first wonder about the answer is how many weight can be lost with a gastric balloon. However, it can be misleading to mention a net weight as the answer to this question. Because, how much weight is lost with gastric balloon application varies depending on both the patient and the volume of the balloon used. However, in general, it is possible for a person to lose approximately 20% of their average weight with a gastric balloon. Of course, there are conditions such as preparing the patient well for the process, taking into account the dietician’s recommendations and warnings, not disrupting dietician follow-up, and having a good brand’s gastric balloon attached.

With a process suitable for all these conditions, a very high rate of weight loss of 20% is possible. It is also a very important advantage that the gastric balloon can be attached without a surgical operation and the need for incision. Also, patients can benefit from the procedure without having a difficult recovery period, the need for clinical or home rest and a long break from work life. Immediately afterwards, if they feel good, they can continue their daily lives where they left off.

How Does a Gastric Balloon Work?

In the first 3 days after the gastric balloon is attached, the patient’s body struggles to expel the balloon from the stomach. During this time, nausea and vomiting due to nausea may occur. However, these complaints are seen in only 10% of patients.

It should be stated that in these 3 days following the application, patients experienced a weight loss ranging from 3 to 5 kilos. After 3 days, the effects of the gastric balloon begin to be noticed by the patients. Because the gastric balloon, which occupies a certain place in the stomach, allows a signal to be sent to the brain as if there is food in the stomach. As these signals make the patient feel full, less food is consumed naturally. If the consumption of less food is accompanied by diet and exercise, the slimming process begins.

How Long Can a Gastric Balloon Stay in the Stomach?

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First of all, let’s point out that gastric balloons are divided into two in terms of duration of stay in the stomach. These;

  • 6-month gastric balloons
  • 12-month gastric balloons

Of course, it should be noted that this period can sometimes extend from 2 months to 3 months. We should also state that if the removal time of gastric balloons is prolonged for a few months, it does not cause any harm to the patient. However, great importance should be given to not extending this period further.

Does Gastric Balloon Work?

The first question we hear from patients is usually whether this method works or not. If the gastric balloon is applied to the right person at the right time, it is impossible to fail. The important issue here is that the patient has sufficient information about both the procedure to be performed and the process. If the doctor’s and dietician’s recommendations are taken into account, this will definitely work and will provide weight loss.

Does the Gastric Balloon Burst?

It should not be forgotten that gastric balloons are put into use after many tests and analyzes. Under normal conditions, it is almost impossible for gastric balloons to burst. It should be reminded that the risk of complications is almost negligible. No cases of gastric balloon burst and harm to the patient have been reported so far. However, let’s underline once again that the balloon should be removed at the end of its usage period.

What is Put in the Gastric Balloon?

Today, gastric balloons are filled with water and air. However, airy gastric balloons are not preferred recently due to the complications that occur while inserting and it is more difficult to place this balloon.

Is There An Age Restriction In The Gastric Balloon?

There is no age limit in the gastric balloon, but in the light of our experience, we can state that it is a procedure we recommend to patients over 10 years old. Of course, it is beneficial to have a pediatric consultation before the application. You can write your questions about the stomach balloon in the comment section