Gastric botox is one of the methods applied in case of overweight. This process comes into play for those who want to lose 10% or 15% of their current weight despite having a low BMI, ie body mass index. We should state that it should not be considered as an alternative method to gastritis bypass surgery or sleeve gastrectomy for those who have obesity problems.

This procedure is based on a very different procedure from surgical interventions. We will also mention whether the procedure causes permanent damage to the stomach or whether there is a risk of botox spreading to the body. But first, let’s review who is a suitable candidate for the process in question.

Who Is Gastric Botox Suitable For?

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Many people have difficulty losing weight, even though they follow diet programs and exercise. At the same time, we can say that the appetite problem is experienced intensely. In such cases, gastric botox can be preferred. This procedure may be preferred for those who avoid any surgical intervention or who do not have surgery due to different health problems.

However, in order for this process to be performed, the person should not be allergic to the materials used in the botox process. At the same time, this application is not an ideal option for people with various stomach discomfort. Although it is an attractive option for those who want to get rid of excess weight, people who have weight at the degree of obesity should benefit from different methods. In order for this procedure to be performed, there should be no serious comorbidities.

Are There Any Side Effects of Gastric Botox?

First of all, it should be noted that the gastric botox procedure is a standard endoscopic procedure. Therefore, there is no significant side effect reported by the patients in the literature. However, we should mention that it is a procedure that should not be preferred for people who have allergic reactions to botox materials. It is also not the right choice for those with muscle diseases.

Does Gastric Botox Have a Weight Loss Guarantee?

The main purpose of performing this procedure is to provide patients with a long-term feeling of satiety. Due to the long-term feeling of satiety, it is aimed for patients to consume less food and thus lose weight. However, it would not be correct to give a guarantee that weight will be lost with gastric botox.

If the patient continues to consume high-calorie foods, it is not possible to lose weight. Therefore, this procedure should not be considered as a weight loss procedure alone, but as an aid to weight loss. It is very important for the patient to continue diet and exercise. Botox process is a method that helps to get rid of the appetite problem.

Does Gastric Botox Cause Permanent Damage to the Stomach?

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The applied gastric botox begins to show its effect after a period of 5 to 7 days. Botox material, on the other hand, is completely removed from the body in approximately 4 months to 6 months. Therefore, gastric botox does not cause permanent damage to the stomach or any part of the body. You can benefit from this process with peace of mind.

How Long Does The Stomach Botox Process Take? Is Hospitalization Necessary?

Of course, since gastric botox is not a surgical intervention, clinical rest or home rest is not required. Immediately after the procedure, if the patient feels well, the patient can be discharged and return to his daily life on the same day. The application is completely endoscopic and no incision is applied to the skin. For this reason, there is no need for a rest period that can be described as a healing process. The duration of the process is approximately 20 minutes.

My Intestines Are Already Lazy, Will I Have More Bloating with Botox?

One of the biggest concerns that patients experience is the issue of bloating. After botox, the feeling of bloating is worried about and therefore the application is not welcomed. However, in this process, the botox material is applied only to the smooth muscles of the stomach.

For this reason, it is not possible for the botox material or this process to affect bowel movements and nerve endings in any way. It is not a procedure that can cause extra laziness in bowel movements. However, let us state that a personalized diet program was prepared after the procedure. With this diet program, it may be possible to eliminate bowel laziness.

Is Botox Distributed to My Body?

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Again, one of the frequently asked questions is the possibility of the stomach botox material to be distributed throughout the body. Of course, many analyzes are carried out on this process. No systemic spread was observed after the procedure. It should be underlined that it is a process that blocks nerve conduction in a specific area, that is, locally. Because the main purpose of the procedure is to delay hunger, that is, to provide a feeling of satiety for a longer period of time. As a result, it is not possible for botox to be distributed throughout the body.

Can it be applied in pregnant and breastfeeding women?

Especially after birth, mothers may want to get rid of their birth weight quickly. For this reason, there are many mothers who have turned their course to stomach botox. However, it is not recommended to use stomach botox during pregnancy.

What are the Expectations from Gastric Botox Application?

This process can enable the person to lose 10% to 15% of their total weight. After the gastric botox is applied, patients start to lose weight in approximately 1 week. Loss of the targeted weight takes place between 3 months and 6 months. However, of course, the level or speed of weight loss will not be the same in every individual who benefits from this procedure.

Because in weight loss, factors such as the metabolic rate of the person, whether exercise is done, the age of the person or what kind of nutrition program is followed are very important. With Botox, the person can be kept full for a longer time. However, factors such as not paying attention to the foods consumed during this period and following a sedentary lifestyle will also disrupt the weight loss process. In a sense, the answer to questions such as how much weight can be lost depends on the person benefiting from the procedure.

What Should Be Considered After Gastric Botox?

If you have gastric botox and are aiming to lose weight, you should also switch to a healthy and balanced diet. Foods with low calorie value should be consumed and acidic foods should be avoided. It is also necessary to avoid ready-made foods that are grouped as fast food.

Weight loss may occur if the person pays attention to daily water consumption and pays attention to exercise programs as much as the nutrition program. Because, thanks to this process, the person reaches the feeling of fullness more easily, gets hungry for a longer time and consumes less food at the same time.

Therefore, when you support all these conveniences with diet and exercise, you can easily lose weight. However, if the old eating and living habits that cause excessive weight gain continue, it will be extremely difficult to reach the weight loss goal. You can write your questions on the subject in the comment section.

Is the team doing stomach botox important?

First of all, botox should be kept at +4 degrees, which we call cold chain. Again, the same rule applies when moving. For this reason, it is important where and how he brought the botox. The second big problem is that many doctors such as general surgeons and plastic surgeons have used botox application and could not find enough botox, so they have counterfeited botox just like every material, and it is very difficult to understand. Gastric botox is applied to the stomach exit and entrance. At least two should be made as a dose. In addition to this, the surgeon’s experience in endoscopy is also very important.