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Buttermilk Soup

Tarih: 10 Mayıs, 2021 / Yazar: / Kategori: Replice

Buttermilk Soup

Buttermilk soup for those looking for something cold on summer days. We would like to share with you the recipe of this traditional soup that is ice-cold, refreshes us and provides fullness...

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Tarih: 27 Nisan, 2021 / Yazar: / Kategori: Replice

Baked Falefel (Vegan Meatballs)

With the transition to solid foods, dried legumes, which are vegetable-derived proteins, are added to animal-derived proteins by the 3rd month. Dried legumes are an alternative to animal-derived proteins because they do...

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Fig puding
Tarih: 9 Nisan, 2021 / Yazar: / Kategori: Replice

What is Creamy Fig Pudding? How is it Made?

A recipe that will suppress your cravings for sugar-free, flour-free, fat-free 2-ingredient dessert. With only two ingredients; dried figs and milk. What are the ingredients? -16 dried figs -600 ml of warm...

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Uncooked Fit Cheesecake with Protein
Tarih: 11 Mart, 2021 / Yazar: / Kategori: Replice

Uncooked Fit Cheesecake with Protein Powder

We sometimes find it difficult to consume protein supplements, which are very important after bariatric surgery. After the operation, it is necessary to take daily protein need an average of 60-80 gram...

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Chicken Zucchini Sandal
Tarih: 2 Mart, 2021 / Yazar: / Kategori: Replice

How to Make Chicken Zucchini Sandal?

We are here with chicken zucchini sandal which is a very light recipe and a meal with lots of protein. This recipe will be even more delicious when used fresh for those...

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