What is gastric folding surgery?

In fact, it is a surgery that is generally performed laparoscopically and is known as stomach folding, gastric stitching, gastric band, and medically called gastric plication. Gastric folding surgery is to reduce the volume of the stomach.

What is the success of gastric folding surgery?

It has been performed a lot in the period when there are no today’s surgeries, but it is not preferred today because of its low success rate. The reason why gastric folding surgery is not preferred is that patients cannot lose enough weight in the long term. As for the reason for this, the surgery performed only makes smaller the stomach. The ghrelin hormone, which we call the appetite hormone, is still secreted in the patient. This causes the patient not to reach the desired weight.

What is endoscopic gastric plication surgery?

Surgery, which has been in fashion recently, is the event of narrowing the stomach with stitches by entering the stomach from the mouth. The only difference from other closed surgery is that it is performed endoscopically. Again, the results of this surgery are not satisfactory. Although the endoscopist is experienced, it is both a very difficult procedure and it has a high price.

How is Gastric Folding Surgery turned into a Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

It is the surgery that we make the most revisions after gastric band. In gastric folding surgery revision, it is usually entered from the same place. Since there is no standard for the biggest problem in these surgeries, each surgeon performs the surgery according to himself. What we usually encounter is that the stomach is left too wide despite its folding. It is easy to perform a gastric sleeve surgery on a wide stomach, but sometimes it is necessary to open the stitches of the narrow parts in the folding surgery where some parts are narrow and some parts are wide. This prolongs the operation time.

As with any surgery, experience is very important in this surgery. The patient’s expectations will naturally be high. If the patient regains weight in this surgery, he will lose his trust in the surgeons. Therefore, without revision surgery, the surgeon should consider every detail and share them with his patient.

Should patients who have undergone gastric folding surgery and gain weight, undergo gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery?

This question confuses both surgeons and patients. The patient should be evaluated well. If the patient has diabetes, metabolic disease, gastric bypass will be more appropriate. We recommend gastric sleeve to patients other than this.

As for the reason, the success of gastric sleeve and gastrik bypass surgeries is the same in long-term results. Failure to examine the stomach endoscopically after gastric bypass surgery in the long term, long-term use of vitamins and bad-smelling diarrhea will adversely affect the patient.