Gastric sleeve surgery prices are one of the issues on the agenda of those who have obesity problems. Although they usually want to know a clear surgery fee, we need to state that the prices can vary for each patient. This surgery, which is one of the ideal weight loss methods for those who have obesity problems and do not lose weight, remains the most common operation on the subject worldwide.

This surgery, which is performed with a procedure based on removal of approximately 60% to 90% of the stomach, is not an operation that forces patients. After a short and comfortable recovery period, patients who continue their lives from where they left off, also start to lose weight. We will talk about how the process works in our clinic, but first, let’s focus on the issue of gastric sleeve surgery prices.

How Much Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost?

First of all, it should be noted that many different factors affect the prices of sleeve gastrectomy. Today, this operation is usually performed with sleeve gastrectomy, that is, closed (laparoscopic) technique. However, there may be clinics that operate with different methods. Therefore, the technique used in the surgery is one of the most effective factors on prices. If the patients are examined and have the necessary examinations, surgery planning can be made and at this stage, more clear information about the prices of the gastric sleeve surgery is given to the patient.

How Do Gastric Sleeve Surgery Prices Vary?

Tüp mide ameliyatı fiyatları neye göre değişir

Of course, the factors that affect the prices of gastric sleeve surgery, or in other words, what the prices vary, is one of the issues that all patients wonder about. First of all, we need to state that the general condition of the patient affects the prices. The factors meant by the general situation are as follows:

  • Patient height
  • Patient weight
  • Age of the patient
  • Whether there are comorbid diseases (heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, triode, sleep apnea, etc.)

Hospital Factor

It is important that it is a state hospital, university hospital or private hospital. The characteristics of private hospitals are very important. This is the factor that affects the price of the surgery.

Technical Material Used in Surgery

We recommend the use of European Union approved (CE) American Health Organization approved (FDA) materials. Especially the use of similar materials that are not approved in China and similar countries will reduce the surgery prices, but the complication rates are increasing.

Along with these factors, the type of surgery to be applied is one of the most basic factors affecting the prices. At the same time, which doctor performed the surgery can also affect the price. Because if the patients make a general price research, the different prices will be encountered. However, the important thing is to choose a doctor who has proven his success in this field. Compared to health, prices should always be secondary.

Istanbul Gastric Sleeve Surgery Prices in 2020

Prices of gastric bypass surgeries or gastric sleeve surgery prices in 2020 may also vary depending on the city in which this surgical operation is performed. We can say that prices are slightly higher in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul. However, these operations are carried out more frequently in big cities due to the larger population. Therefore, we can state that patients do not have difficulty finding an experienced surgeon. You can call 0 505 120 82 62 to get detailed information about the current surgery prices of 2020 in our clinic.

Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Covered By SGK?

At least as much as the gastric sleeve surgery prices 2020, the question of the answer is whether the surgery is covered by the SSI. It is only possible to meet the surgery by the SSI in accordance with certain conditions. It should also be noted that only a certain percentage of the surgery can be covered by the Social Security Institution.

Our Process in Our Clinic

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At the decision stage of obesity surgery, our patient comes to the appointment set up in our clinic for the first interview. As a result of the evaluation made in the first meeting, it is decided which type of bariatric surgery our patient will undergo, and then the price negotiation is carried out by our obesity surgery coordinator. Our conversations with our patients from abroad are made via WhatsApp. In the meantime, we should underline that the prices of gastric sleeve surgery in 2020 are different from gastric bypass surgery prices.

Procedures Included in Gastric Sleeve Surgery Prices in 2020

  • Other blood tests and imaging required before surgery
  • Operation fee
  • Interviews with other branch doctors to be done before the operation
  • 3 nights clinical rest, routine tests and medications during this period
  • Dietician support for the first 6 months after surgery

For more detailed information on the subject, you can contact us immediately and write your questions in the comments section.