Gastric balloons are one of the most frequently used methods in the treatment of obesity in recent years . Gastric balloons, which are prepared from special materials and aim to reach the saturation point by consuming less food, are the treatment techniques that stand out with their high success rate. Gastric balloons, whose duration of stay in the stomach can vary, are also a successful solution for patients seeking non-surgical treatment. The reason why we say 6 months is that the balloon stays in the stomach for 6 months and is removed.

We should also note that the types of gastric balloons used today can vary, and the most suitable gastric balloons for the patient can be easily detected by the physician. One of these gastric balloon types is 6-MONTH BALLOON. Medsil and Bariglobe gastric balloon are produced in Russia and have been used for a long time both in our country and in many different countries of the world. We can say that it is one of the most preferred gastric balloon types, especially in Turkey. We will also discuss who this application is suitable for, how it is carried out and similar questions. First, let’s give the answer to the frequently asked question ‘is it safe’.

Is the 6-Month Gastric Balloon Safe?

6-Month Gastric Balloon used in the treatment of obesity for a long time. Of course, as in other gastric balloon applications, there are some risks of complications in the 6 -month gastric balloon. However, it should not be forgotten that the risk of developing these complications will be much lower if an experienced physician is preferred and patients follow the recommendations. As a result, these gastric balloons are safe and can be preferred with peace of mind. However, your doctor will determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the application by consulting with your doctor beforehand.

How is Gastric Balloon Procedure Performed?

First of all, we should state that the patient did not feel any pain or pain during the placement of the 6-month gastric balloon. Because before the procedure is started, sedoanelgesia (simple sleeping procedure) is applied to the patient. In this way, the gastric balloon is placed in the stomach in a very comfortable process for the patient. In the meantime, help is taken from endoscopy. The gastric balloon is placed in the stomach empty. Since it is extremely small in size, it is very easy to be delivered to the stomach by mouth. Then, this balloon is inflated with a predetermined amount of liquid depending on the patient’s condition. It is provided to occupy the desired amount of space in the stomach. Thus, patients can reach a feeling of satiety when they consume smaller portions of food after the application.

6-month gastric balloons stay in the stomach for 6 months. At the end of this period, it must be removed. Since the removal of the gastric balloon is performed by endoscopic method, we can say that it is inserted and removed with a non-surgical technique. There is absolutely no incision, no stitching, and no need to rest for days in the clinical setting. Following the removal of the gastric balloon, patients continue to follow a certain diet and exercise program, allowing them to continue to lose weight. During the time that the gastric balloon is in the stomach, the patients start to consume less food.

For whom is a 6-month Gastric Balloon Suitable?

Unfortunately, although gastric balloon application is a treatment method with a high success rate, we should also note that not everyone who wishes can benefit from this procedure. In order for the 6-month gastric balloon to be inserted, the body mass index of the patients is expected to be between 20 and 40. At the same time, it is also necessary to carry out some examinations before the procedure is performed. It should be noted that it is not an ideal treatment option for stomach ulcers, those who have gastric hernia, and those who have had some operations related to the stomach or esophagus before. Because in such cases, the insertion of a gastric balloon means taking serious risks. Therefore, it would be beneficial for patients to turn to different treatment options instead of gastric balloon.

Pregnant women cannot benefit from this application. For women who plan to become pregnant within 6 months, the 6-month gastric balloon application is not the right choice. Afterwards, it is determined whether this procedure can be performed or not with examinations and tests.

How Much Weight Can You Lose With a 6-month Gastric Balloon?

It is not expected that every patient will lose weight at the same rate after the gastric balloon is inserted. It should be noted that this rate varies from person to person. Many factors, such as how healthy the patients eat, whether they follow the diet program, whether they exercise or not, or their metabolic rate, also affect weight loss. Therefore, how much weight loss is experienced after both the 6-month gastric balloon application and other gastric balloon procedures also varies.

In terms of giving an idea in general, we can say that weight loss varies between 20% and 40%. Weight loss may be slightly higher, especially in the first 3 months. The important thing in this treatment is to make it easier for the patients to get used to a healthy diet and to reduce the portions. At the end of 6-8 months, the gastric balloon should be removed. At the end of this period, patients should continue their previous eating habits and healthy eating habits. Otherwise, it may be possible to regain the lost weight.

Gastric balloon applications do not promise patients that they will lose weight and never gain excess weight again. This treatment method only makes it easier for those who have obesity problems to lose weight. When gastric balloons expire and are removed, it means that patients return to their old eating habits and return to their old weight in a short time.

When to Start Losing Weight After 6 Months Gastric Balloon?

In fact, right after the gastric balloon is inserted, patients notice that they start to consume less food and reach a feeling of fullness in a shorter time. Therefore, we can say that the weight loss process begins shortly after the gastric balloon is inserted. Weight loss may be rapid in the first period and then slow down. This is extremely normal. As a result, there is no need to wait to start losing weight. If the patients can comply with the diet programs, the weight loss process will start immediately.

Does Medsil Gastric Balloon Have Any Side Effects?

Patients may experience mild side effects after insertion of the gastric balloon. These can be listed as nausea, vomiting, retching and, in rare cases, a mild abdominal pain. However, we cannot say that these side effects will occur in every patient. Often patients do not have such complaints. We can also state that the side effects we have listed disappear spontaneously between 3 and 7 days. Another side effect is that the stomach cannot tolerate the gastric balloon applied . The symptom of this is often excessive retching and vomiting. Of course, gastric balloon can be tolerated . If not, it must be removed. If you inform your doctor about this, the necessary intervention will be made in a short time.

Does the Gastric Balloon Pop?

The first question that comes to mind for those who have not done research about the gastric balloon application before is the possibility of the balloon bursting. These balloons are produced from a special material and are not likely to burst. It should be noted that there was no case of the Medsil 6-month gastric balloon bursting before. Patients should not have any concerns about this. The prevailing risk here is leakage, and we must state that the risk of leakage of gastric balloons is reduced to almost non-existent thanks to specially developed techniques. You can write your questions about the subject in the comment section.

Problems and solution after gastric balloon insertion:

Nausea: After the gastric balloon is inserted, up to 10 percent of patients may experience nausea on the evening of the balloon insertion day. Special medications are given for this, and the dietitian also prepares a diet list accordingly.

Vomiting: Although it is seen in very few patients, it can be very uncomfortable for patients. If it does not go away with the drugs given by the doctor, serum therapy can be given.

As Clinical Obesity , we attach great importance to the three days after balloon insertion. Treatments during this period are very important for the patient.