The reason why many people are not able to lose weight is that they cannot reach the feeling of satiety when they eat in small portions. In this case, the gastric balloon applications, which come into play, provide the feeling of satiety with smaller portions. Thus, it is easier to enter the weight loss process. One of the gastric balloons that takes up space in the stomach and allows to reach the feeling of satiety with small portions is the ellipse gastric balloon. This material, also known as ‘swallowable gastric balloon’, is frequently preferred in the treatment of obesity . The fact that it does not require anesthesia or surgical intervention allows patients to benefit from this application more easily. Patients who can feel full by consuming less food start to lose weight in a healthy way with the support of a dietitian. We will also discuss what advantages the Elipse gastric balloon offers, for whom it is a suitable and unsuitable method, and other questions that are curious. First, let’s explain how the application is done.

How is Elipse Gastric Balloon Applied?

First of all, let us state that endoscopy is not required for ellipse gastric balloon application. Since there is no surgical intervention, anesthesia is not required. The gastric balloon used in this application, which is completed in just 15 to 20 minutes, is in the form of a pill attached to a thin tube. The gastric balloon, which is the size of a capsule, is swallowed by the patient. In order to be sure that it is located in the stomach, a simple control with the help of x-rays is required. After making sure that the elliptical gastric balloon is placed in the stomach with X-ray, a special liquid is sent into the balloon with the help of a catheter . The task of the liquid is to inflate the balloon. After the balloon is inflated with the specified amount of liquid, the catheter is slowly withdrawn and removed. However , one more X-ray will be required to check that the balloon is full before the catheter is removed. With the removal of the catheter , the procedure is completed.

The Elipse gastric balloon remains in the stomach for approximately 4 to 6 months. Then there is no need for any intervention and removal of the gastric balloon because this balloon has the ability to be expelled by the body spontaneously. Therefore, just like when the balloon reaches the stomach, there is no need for a surgical application when the function of the balloon ends.

Advantages of Elipse Gastric Balloon

We can say that the swallowable gastric balloon, which offers satisfactory results in the treatment of obesity , is an advantageous option in many respects. We can convey the advantages it offers to you as follows:

  • Anesthesia is not performed before the Elipse gastric balloon application.
  • Endoscopy is not needed and in this respect, it is a very comfortable application for the patient.
  • When the function of the gastric balloon ends, it is expelled from the body by itself.
  • The risk of complications is extremely low
  • No need for hospitalization as it is not a surgical procedure
  • If the patient feels good after the application, he can return to his daily life immediately.

In addition to all these, we can mention that the swallowable gastric balloon application is an ideal option for those who cannot benefit from surgical intervention due to any health problem.

Who Can Have a Swallowable Gastric Balloon?

In order to benefit from the swallowable gastric balloon application, the body mass index of the person must be 25 and above. It is also a suitable method for those who have type 2 diabetes due to excess weight, blood pressure or similar diseases. Even if they cannot benefit from other obesity treatments, this group of patients may benefit from the swallowable gastric balloon procedure. We can state that it is a suitable method for those who have various problems related to anesthesia. Because anesthesia is not performed in an ellipse gastric balloon.

At this point, one of the most curious issues is that if morbid obese patients can benefit from the procedure. In order to reduce various risks before surgery, Elipse gastric balloon can be applied to those who have morbid obesity problems. After a simple examination, you can determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the swallowable gastric balloon application and you can get more information from your doctor.

Who Cannot Have a Swallowable Gastric Balloon?

We do not say that every individual who has an overweight problem can benefit from this procedure . However, the application of a swallowable gastric balloon is not the right choice for those with cancer , people with excessive reflux in the stomach, those with inflammatory disorders or those with gastrointestinal bleeding. The operation cannot be performed for those with anomaly in the swallowing system.

For those who are excluded from all these situations and complain of excess weight, we should state that this application can be done if approved by the doctor.

Will I Have Difficulty Swallowing Elipse Gastric Balloon?

One of the most frequently asked questions by those who want to benefit from obesity treatment is the difficulty in swallowing the gastric balloon.  First of all, it should be noted that it is very easy to swallow this balloon. When an ellipse gastric balloon is searched on the internet, images of the balloon inflated are usually encountered. However, this balloon is only in the size of a small capsule and is inflated in the stomach after swallowing. Therefore, patients do not have difficulty swallowing the balloon. You can apply for treatment without worrying about it.

How Many Weights Can Be Lost with a Swallowed Gastric Balloon?

It cannot be expected that the rate of weight lost by the gastric balloon application of each patient will be the same. However, in general, it is possible to experience a weight loss of around 25 kilograms. Application of swallowed gastric balloon is not a treatment whose effect lasts for years. It is aimed to create a healthy diet and lose weight with the support of a dietitian. At the same time, we should state that it is important for patients to follow a certain exercise program in order to continue to lose weight in the future.

In the fourth week following the Elipse gastric balloon application, a weight loss of approximately 5 kilograms may occur. In the eighth week, the weight loss rate is around 9 kilograms. When 12 weeks are completed, a weight loss between 11.5 and 12 kilograms can be achieved. At the end of the 16-week period , the weight loss rate is around 15 kilograms. However, it should not be forgotten that the rate of weight loss will slow down significantly after 12 weeks. If you follow low-calorie diet programs and exercise, it will be possible to continue to lose weight after 12 weeks, albeit slowly.

What are the Risks of Ingested Gastric Balloon Application?

As with any application, there are some risks in the application of swallowed gastric balloons. We should point out that in addition to the risks inherent to the procedure performed, there is also the risk of injury to the esophagus or stomach. However, if an experienced physician is preferred and the patient strictly follows the warnings and recommendations made by the doctor, these risks will also be minimized and the process will be completed without any problems.

Is Dietitian Support Necessary After Swallowable Gastric Balloon?

Getting support from a dietitian is important in terms of establishing a healthy nutrition program in the weight loss process. This process will also be more effective if patients follow a ketogenic diet. In order for this diet program to be created and followed up specifically for the patient, you should definitely get support from a dietitian. Especially when the first 12 weeks are behind, care should be taken to get support from a dietitian so that the rate of weight loss does not decrease excessively.

Will I Gain Weight Back After Elipse Gastric Balloon?

Do not forget that the Elipse gastric balloon is expelled from the body after a while. If the diet program is not followed, it may be possible to gain weight again. You can write your questions about the swallowable gastric balloon application in the comment section.